Our goals

To esure we meet all our customers expectations by supplying a sustainable water supply, at the most cost effective solution, without compromising quality and workmanship. These are the core fundamentals that we have build our reputation on and sets us apart from our competitors.

Safety and Enviroment

We stive to meet the highest safety standard in the industry by providing ongoing training to all our staff and briefings to our clients before commencement of a project. Enviromental impact is also kept to a bear minimum so that we can ensure the future is preserved for our future generations to come.

Our Team

All our staff are highly trained with extensive drilling and installation experience. Our satisfied customers and referrals is testimony of our constant investment in training and skills development of our staff. 

Service Area

We currently service the entire KZN provice. Our services includes drilling, pump installations, yield testing and filtration sytems. Our head office is located in Margate, KZN.

KZN Water Solutions Vision

We strive not only to exceed every customers expectation but more important to build a long and lasting relationship with them. This we achieve through honesty, quality workmanship, taking ownership and responsibilty for all our work.

Our Community

We believe water supply is a basic right for all people in our country. We are proud to have completed several comunity projects at our own cost. This is our small contribution to the community that not only supply them with a basic right but also gives them dignity.